Short and to the point

You wonder why the circumcisers have so much cheap, juvenile humor about circumcision? It’s because they’re in an arrested state of adolescence. Circumcision is a cheap, juvenile superstition.

Circumcision to promote health and cleanliness is like pulling teeth to prevent cavities and bad breath. ~ UB

My mother used to say about tattoo’s and body piercings “No you can’t get that… It’s a stupid mistake you will be stuck with your whole life.”…. Kinda, wish she had that attitude before the circumcision.
I was always told that is not polite to talk about my penis; I don’t remember
being asked my permission or being asked when they circumcised it.

Intact Boys … It’s A Matter of Human Rights.

It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Boy. – Say no to circumcision.

If cutting your son’s penis isn’t considered child abuse, I shudder to think what is. ~ Finch

Cosmetic surgery is any medical operation that is intended to improve someone’s appearance rather than someone’s health. Seeing as how circumcision has no known health benefits, and is supported by claims of “looking better”, this would mean that circumcision is not only the most popular cosmetic surgery, but also the only one preformed on unwilling people legally. ~ Ted

Circumcision = Arrogant Ignorance.

Arrogant – ‘cause you think you can better design things than God / evolution /nature.

Ignorance – ‘cause you don’t know the functions of the foreskin.

~George Dexter

His body, his foreskin, his choice. ~ ????

“I don’t have any extra body parts. I was born with all systems intact.
Genital mutilation harms for life.” ~ Chad Rivera

“So, you don’t like my foreskin and think I should cut it off!? Well, I don’t like your face, need I say more?” ~ Oregon Intactivist

Circumcision has only one purpose. It’s designed to destroy the penis, leaving a remnant that works for reproduction. ~ Brother K

You know you’re an intactivist when… “Every morning when I wake up, the first thing that comes to my mind is, ‘How can I positively influence new parents to leave their baby boy whole today?'”  ~ Vance Austin Neely

“Every male species is born with a foreskin and humans are the only ones that cut it off. Right there, is proof that doctors do not ‘always know best’.” ~ Oregon Intactivist

“Hey, you with the baby’s penis in your hand. Get a real job.” ~ Brother K

WIPE IT (like a finger);
WRAP IT (with a condom);

Don’t like my “Intact Smell”? Then get your face away from my penis. Plain, simple, and problem solved!!! ~ Oregon Intactivist

“We never met a man with an intact penis who thought he had anything “extra”. Foreskin is standard equipment, not something extra.” ~ Bay Area Intactivists

By default, I’m a grandson, a son, a nephew, and a brother. I should’ve been allowed to remain Intact for the same reason. ~ Oregon Intactivist

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