Hello everybody, I will briefly state my story as a whole. (My personal testimony with undergoing a neonatal botched circumcision through my journey to becoming an Intactivist.)

I was born in a military hospital in Georgia. More specifically, Fort Stewart Georgia.

My parents were devout Christians whom also gave in to all of the hypocrisy regarding male vs female genital mutilation.

Not even touching on the topic of intersex. I haven’t even heard of the term intersex until my friend Richard Russell introduced to me the book about David Reimer; which was NOT intersex by the way. He was a boy which was surgically disfigured due to neonatal circumcision and forced to turn into a girl. He later killed himself.

I was circumcised, and my grandma told me that I held my father’s hand while he let
the doctors ripped open the foreskin of my penis and crushed away the “excess skin”
containing thousands upon thousands of nerve endings.

Little did those quack military doctors know, they left an incision on the bottom of the circumcision line (underside of penis), which eventually ripped completely open
in the latter years.

I do not remember exactly how old I was, but I remember the pain very vividly. I was sitting in the bath tub while playing with my Power Rangers action figures. I situated my legs in a criss-cross applesauce position because that’s how I was taught to sit. I felt an excruciating ripping sensation starting from the tip of my penis. It continued to happen for approximately one hour while in the bath tub, and blood was surrounding my naked body. Paranoia was setting in, and I did not want my parents to know. What I did was wait until the ripping sensation stopped, then drained the bloody water and put my underwear on. By the time I stepped out of the bath, I quit bleeding and there was just raw, exposed meat.

I was around 3-4 when I noticed that the skin of my penis was completely separated.

I did not tell my parents, because I was afraid that they might blame me for masturbating or they might tell the doctor to cut off more nerve endings by trying to fix the current situation. I just let the huge rip heal over a period of seven months, ignoring the intense pain it caused me. I was also afraid of telling my parents of anything sexual because they were Christian. Sex is a no-no. You don’t talk about sex when you are THAT age!

I lived in a Christian home and was forced to go to Church whenever they felt like it, and I was pretty much sheltered my whole life.

Being a “military brat” as well as an only child, I lived a very secluded and repressed lifestyle. My dad going off to fight in whatever wars they had at the time for more than three times didn’t help the situation(s) either.

Long story short with my parents, they got rid of me as a teenager and I lived with my grandma for approximately two years before I headed off to college after my eighteenth birthday.

My current situation is that I am stuck with messed up genitalia for the rest of my human existence on this planet. I will never experience a full body orgasm with my penis due to the fact that along with the male g-spot and nerve rich foreskin being amputated, I have had the entire bottom of my genitals ripped open from the doctors leaving a rip in the scar line.

I have started becoming a public Intactivist during the latter half of year 2012 until the day I die.

I do not wish to remain anonymous.

I want my story (and others’ stories) to be out in the public so people know the true harm of neonatal circumcision.

I have started restoring around year 2011, but I have had minimal results with taping methods.

Here is the method I am currently using as of September 17, 2013.…rosstaping.asp

[Mod – Comment] I am sorry that you were not able to talk about this and confide in your parents. I am a Christian and an Intactivist. (Yes it is possible and we are out there). I have always been open and honest with my boys about sex and circumcision. I think not talking about it is part of the perpetuation of circumcision. I commend you Vance for your courage and using your situation to educate others.

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