Oregon Intactivist

I was 15 when I had to have surgery and while I was under the doctor circumcised me, because it’s “cleaner” and all the other false reasons they give.

When I woke up, I immediately threw up from the pain and then looked under the covers and saw I had stitches where nobody wants stitches. Then proceeded to throw up again from the site of what had been done to me.

As soon as I healed, I knew life had changed forever, I had far less foreskin, a remnant of my frenulum left (that registered no feeling) and nothing was lined back up correctly. Erections were painful, my glans was out of shape from being pulled down too tight and there was a bend to the left I had never had.

Fast forward some years and sex was “ok”, but It certainly was not the mind blowing experience I had heard about. Matter of fact, I remember thinking, “Is this what everybody was talking about?” Since being married my wife has enjoyed the sex more than I ever did. I can’t begin to tell you the pain and heartache of being circumcised has caused me over the years. However, I can tell you from personal experience, a circumcised penis is not what we as men were intended to have.

Do your son a favor and leave him whole. Circumcision doesn’t just hurt physically or just infants, it hurt men too. We need to speak out against this practice.

There has been some good that came out of this and that is I left both of my boys intact, so they could experience sex as it is intended some day. I did discover restoration (which I share on another page) and have had good results.

[Mod wife edit: I have been married to the oregonintactivist for 17 years and can tell you being circumcised has haunted him more than people will ever know. If your husband says he doesn’t like being circumcised it is not a joke. Males deserve to be left intact the way their born and to enjoy sex as God intended.]

10 thoughts on “Oregon Intactivist

  1. Ashley Boateng

    Did you ever attempt to confront the doctor that did this to you? Or take any legal actions? What about your parents? Did they have anything to say about what was done? Have you tried any form of restoration? I just don’t get it! Why do this and lie about it? Is money and prestige really that important? It’s just disgusting! Keep up the good fight soldier!


    1. Oregon Intactivist Post author

      The Doctor is dead and legal action is not an option. It has been worked out with my parents, I have had to learn a lot of forgiveness. I am currently three years into restoring and would suggest it to any guy that wants to get back what was stolen from him and has been denied his right to a whole body. Yes it is disgusting and thanks for the encouragement.



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