My family has always been very open about sexually related topics, even when I was a kid. So, at a very early age, I knew the difference between being circumcised and uncircumcised. However, I was taught that being uncircumcised was abnormal and usually very unhygienic and unhealthy. I’ve only known a handful of people who weren’t circumcised, so I’d never really thought much more about it until I was older.

Well, as time went on, sex just wasn’t fun anymore. I assumed it must have been because I had just gotten too familiar with the same partner. So, we broke up and went our separate ways.

Since then, I’ve had 7 more sexual partners (for a total of 10) and still no improvement with any of them. Sex wasn’t satisfying for me and clearly my partners got more out of it then I ever did. This probably wouldn’t have bothered me except that I’ve only had success with one of my partners.

About a year ago, I began looking for answers, and I found foreskin regeneration websites. I considered my lack of foreskin was one of the least likely reasons for my handicap, so I went ahead and visited a clinic. All of my blood test results (STD, Blood Pressure and Viscosity, Hormone Level, etc) came back average or better than average. After failure several times, I believe I may have developed some sort of Performance Anxiety, (what guy wouldn’t?) which also contributed to my difficulty. So, I came up with a theory. My circumcised penis was the initial reason for my difficulty.

I figure that if I restore, maybe the increased sensitivity will not only help with the physical handicap, but hopefully alleviate the mental trauma of circumcision as well. Plus, I prefer the natural look, which is the way we are supposed to be. And the way we were made. I will never understand why it is so hard for people to accept that!

[Mod reply: I would say that it’s more than a theory about the circumcision being the problem. Anytime you modify something that was made perfect, there are going to be unwanted side effects. Good luck with your restoration journey, I know I have never been sorry I decided to restore.]

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