My Mom kept a baby book for each child – A 6 monthly journal saying what we had done, vacations we had taken, what childhood illnesses, first words, funny things kids do and say.

And at the beginning, after commenting on the easy birth and that they had another boy [with reddish hair], she says she was ‘fed up’ as we got off to a bad start, because “baby didn’t want to take the breast.”

I quote; “George was a bad feeder from the start & was put onto the bottle before we left the nursing home. I was rather fed up as I felt it was a bad start. But he has gained well & being such a big baby he needed a lot. It was just as well that baby was satisfied with the cows milk.” Unquote.

[Clarification: In the 1960’s this ‘nursing home’ specialized in child-birth]

My point being, that beside the maternal bond being broken [trust broken], I was deprived of all the natural anti-bodies present in my mother’s milk. Why didn’t I want to be breast-fed? Because I was hurting deeply in my psyche, having been genitally mutilated. So why should I give the mother the delight of suckling me? No way. ‘Cutting off my nose to spite my face’.

If you ask mothers whose sons were circumcised early on, if the baby suckled -the answer will invariably be, “No the baby would not take the breast, but was bottle fed.”

[Mod additional information: George is correct. Circumcision does effect breastfeeding and the bond with Mother and Child.]

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