Circumcision Myths

There are many myths and urban legends about the foreskin, particularly in Western culture, where circumcision is more prevalent. 80% of the men in the world are uncircumcised, meaning their foreskin is intact. But in North America, particularly the United States, there is a completely different mindset about circumcision.

The goal of this section is to educate readers on the many benefits of the foreskin, as well as to clear up those nasty and untrue rumors.

Let’s get started with two of the most popular myths about circumcision: Does Circumcision Prevent Penile Cancer? Absolutely not! Find out why this is false.

Does Circumcision Prevent HIV? No, but condoms do. Find out why condoms are still the safest and most effective barrier against HIV.

Do Uncircumcised Men Stink? No, but people with poor hygiene do. Let’s discuss the facts and myths about foreskin hygiene.

Should I Ask My Boyfriend to Get Circumcised? No, and here’s why women should be the biggest advocates for accepting the uncircumcised penis.

Source: Foreskin Facts

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