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The 80’s.

I was watching a netflix program called the 80’s the other day and there was a part about HIV and AIDS when it first became an epidemic. And as I watched how word got around, answers were not provided, and the CDC stuck their heads in the sand, discontent and the urgency grew to do something about it. As it grew and more and more people got involved it culminated into a march on Washington and a congressional hearing.
This got me thinking….why couldn’t us intactivists do the same? The difference being that we know way more about the harm of circumcision then they did about HIV and AIDS. We are way more informed and therefore much more armed with facts to present to the bureaucrats. Granted they don’t really care….at this point. But, there is power in numbers and they can’t ignore us all. What are your thoughts?

A Personal Account of Adult Circumcision

La dague et le fourreau

My  story starts back in my teenage years, before I had started to have sex. Everything was fine when it came to sollitary pleasure, as an intact boy I had no difficulties pulling my foreskin back. Yet since the day a friend of mine showed me the first truely adult films that went beyond eroticism, i.e., which entirely showed the anatomy of both sexes, I asked myself questions about my own penis, for those I saw onscreen were different. Mine was bent downward 90 degrees when erect. I had a bent pipe instead of a straight one.

So my GP had me see a sexologist because of the curvature. The sexologist had me see a urologist who said surgery was necessary. He explained my condition was most probably a congenital deformation of my penis. He explained the surgery (imagine straightening a banana by removing a piece from the upper side)…

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How I Restored My Foreskin

Major Styles

In December of 2005, I was speaking to a friend at a restaurant in Central America. He brought up the topic of circumcision and how it reduced the sexual pleasure in a man. I did not say anything, because I was unable to confirm or deny his statement. So I decided that I would return to the United States and do research on the topic.

In the meantime, I became very worried. Was it true? Was my penis desensitized?

The Internet was relatively new at that time. But still, there was a plethora of information on the topic of circumcision. Much of the information was conflicting. However, it was generally divided into two different opinions from men:

Pro Side

1.) Circumcised religious man, defending the process

2.) Circumcised secular American man, defending the process

3.) Man who was circumcised as an adult due to a tight foreskin, defending the process

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