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I have to admit sometimes I get in a funk about the whole circumcision thing. I hate that I was circed and always will. I have learned to deal with it, but when I think of all the baby boys and the men they will become that can’t defend themselves, it overwhelms me at times.

Trust me folks, I pick up bodies for the county and I know sad, yet that doesn’t bother me like the effects of circumcision that person will have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

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Simple Logic.

Female Circumcision / Female Genital Mutilation refers to procedures that intentionally alters or causes injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. The practice is illegal in the US and the UK.

Male Circumcision / Male Genital Mutilation refers to procedures that intentionally alters or causes injury to the Male genital organs for non-medical reasons. The practice is legal in the US and the UK.

Why are males not given the same protection?

Popular today is “HER BODY HER CHOICE” when it comes to decisions that effect females concerning their body. Yet, I have been flipped off, called names, and laughed at when people read the bumper sticker on my truck that reads, “HIS BODY HIS CHOICE / SAY NO TO CIRCUMCISION”.

Are males not worth the same consideration?

If a doctor were to cut off a perfectly healthy fully functioning piece of tissue from a baby girl for monetary gain, he would go to jail and loose his license. Yet, that same doctor can legally cut off a piece of healthy fully functioning piece of tissue from a baby boy and gets to cash a check for his efforts. That’s right, not only does the doctor charge the parents for permanently modifying their son, but he then sells the foreskin to biomedical companies, where it ends up in face cream and shampoo.

So, are baby boys only worth the going rate and who is willing to pay for it?

If a baby girl were to die, from a medically unnecessary procedure, there would be outrage and disgust from the public. However, over 100 baby boys bleed to death, have heart attacks, strokes, and choke to death on their own vomit during and after a circumcision. Yet nobody says a word, because foreskin is a billion dollar industry.

How much is your son worth?


Quite frankly, the way most Americans talk about foreskin — be they male or female — is embarrassing. Are we that sexually immature as a nation that we are truly confused and disgusted by the way men are born? Are we that ignorant to our own sexual frustrations that, even with the answer right under our noses, we can’t put our finger on the problems in our bedrooms?

I used to get angry when I would hear people talk down on the intact male body. But now? Now, I feel more ashamed than anything… I’m happy to be whole, so attacks on my penile status just mystify and amuse me. But I am truly ashamed of my people in how they so vigorously put down the masculine form. Our society is so accepting of this discrimination it’s pathetic… and worrisome…

Brian Herrity