I got the opportunity to talk on the number one morning show in tulsa oklahoma this morning about circumcision and foreskin restoration. Here is a link to a podcast or way to stream it to your computer… you can also find it on itunes under bmms and todays date 4/6/12 . The interview starts at about the one hour and thirty-nine minute mark.


[Mod update: 08-15-12 the podcast has been removed, moved, or archived, but Fsjeeper23 has sent me the file edited, so it contains just the part where he was interviewed. You can listen below.]

Two guys and one frank conversation about circumcision.

4 thoughts on “Audio

  1. Dreamer

    At the end when the audio cuts (the conversation file), you mention a person’s blog who was circ’ed at 5 y/o. I wonder if you were referring to my blog. If that’s the case and you want to include the story in your page, feel free to do it and please link it to my blog. We need to speak up, because there’s always someone saying “I’ve never heard anyone who was unhappy”… Well, we exist.


    1. Oregon Intactivist Post author

      Yes I was talking about you. And thank you for letting me link your blog. You are correct there are men who exist that don’t like being circed. I have included your story and linked to your blog.



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