Ask yourself

Are baby boys born perfect and whole just like a baby girls?

Yes / No

Would you do to your son what you wouldn’t think of doing to your dog?

Yes / No

     If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you have to see circumcision for what it is…..Genital Mutilation. And you have a duty to protect your son from it.


5 thoughts on “Ask yourself

    1. Jeff Cowsert

      How will you feel if your sons grow up feeling angry and robbed because you amputated a functional part of their reproductive system because YOU felt that THEY were disgusting as nature designed them?

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  1. mikearnold68

    Why did you modify your children to your liking? That is gross, since I hope you never intend to have sex with them. I hope they don’t hate you for it as I hate my mother for having me mutilated at birth, she had no right to modify my body,

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