2 thoughts on “The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?

  1. robertcjohnson

    In society’s where male infant circumcision is common practice, the foreskin and its natural functions, which include maximizing pleasure for both men and women during sexual intercourse, the foreskin and its functions are a taboo topic. Since the practice became common in the United States, beginning in the latter part of the nineteenth century during a period when it was believed that circumcision would reduce promiscuity and the temptation to masturbate, the American medical establishment has been able to promote the practice on new generations of American infants for a broad range of false or misleading rationalizations. Since a majority of American men were circumcised as infants and never are told that the surgery seriously damages the penis and even, supposedly, prevents various diseases, the practice has continued. Most male American doctors are themselves circumcised and are never told in medical school that the practice does far more harm than good, so obstetricians and pediatricians are often more than happy to earn extra money by circumcising infants whose parents request the surgery. Hospitals also earn extra money by selling foreskins to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Circumcision is a multi-billion dollar business in the United States, even though baby boys suffer enormous, life-altering trauma when the surgery is performed. They may consciously forget this, but their unconscious minds never forget, injecting anxiety and self-doubt into men’s psyches. Marriages are altered and harmed by the fact that a circumcised penis is not flexible when erect and it has lost the lubricating capacity provided by a foreskin, often causing women to feel pain during intercourse and causing men to feel self-reproach for failure to adequately please their wives or themselves. This vicious cycle must end. The truth must come out. I recommend anyone reading this to watch the Netlix film American Circumcision to learn more about the vicious, pointless, harmful practice of male infant circumcision.



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