The Face Scream


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 22.33.42

The time has come to tell the truth

about the famed fountain of youth

that Oprah plugged being so aloof

or the “not tested on animals” tag you prize

or the new injection for under your eyes

so sit down here comes the big surprise

Its a multi million dollar industry

that tries to hide its methods from you and me

and the reason is not very hard to see

they take a baby boy at six days old

cut a bit off, then its sold

thats the genital mutilation story not being told

20 thousand nerve endings that will destroy

with no legal protection because he is a boy

and easy profit for hospitals to enjoy

one third of the penis skin hacked away

pharmaceutical companies egger to pay

anti cruelty protesters have nothing to say

So, I put it to you

that if you have a problem with…

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