I have said it before and will say it again.

I tend to scan health sites to see what new information (or should I say mis-information) is out there about circumcision. And I came across an article where a woman was complaining about the smell of her husbands Intact penis. She stated that she withholds sex and won’t “go down” on him, because his penis stinks and not because of hygiene, it was just his normal Intact Smell.

Let me clue you in. You woman don’t exactly smell like a bed of roses either. You can wash all you want and use any product you like, but when somebody has their face “down there” it’s not exactly an aromatic utopia when you get “excited”. It doesn’t make me sick, but I wouldn’t want to have it under my nose 24/7 either. It more about making you happy and knowing that you are enjoying yourself.

So without further ado………If you don’t like my Intact Smell then get your nose away from my penis and the rest of me too! Goes both ways. Don’t expect me to do something you yourself won’t do.

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