Monthly Archives: October 2015

No use for the truth.

I just had a guy tell me he had no use for my page or for me and the only thing I could think of is, “Who has no use for the truth about circumcision?”

Honestly, I am a bit taken back by the opposition that American Men and Americans in general have to males being left Intact like they were born. There is a powerful force behind the misinformation that is circumcision. And sadly, it mostly comes down to money as the foreskin industry is a billion dollar paycheck.

The truth needs to be told and support for the Intactivist movement is gaining steam. I encourage all of you who agree to show your support any way you can. There are wrist bands, bumper stickers, lanyards, and many other things available to show your support.

My family and I are offering a 10% discount for the month of October at Intactivist Gear to help get the word out. (just type “support” without the quotes in the coupon box during checkout) There are other places to pick up gear and support the movement as well. We just want the truth to be known by all.