I am Male

To all circumcisors:

I am male and I was born with a foreskin. It was not dirty, it was not gross, and it was not a defect. Then you decided you knew better and cut it off without my consent. So, let me ask you this.

1. Who are you to say that I don’t have a right to keep my fully functioning, and healthy foreskin? It’s my body and my choice no matter what anybody thinks.

2. Do you not understand that your HIV reduction claims are bogus? You don’t know what my sexual activities will be or with who when I get older. If I am not responsible I could get HIV circumcised or not.

3. Have you not figured out circumcision is the deliberate reduction of sensation and function, which is condemnation of male sexuality? And by cutting males you are advocating the societal stereotype that we deserve your condemnation, sexually or otherwise.

4. Did you know there is a billion dollar foreskin industry for biomedical companies and cosmetics? Over 100 males die every year for their foreskin and they are considered collateral damage. Are you seriously ok with this?

5. If you say you are for equality, then why do you not circumcise females? Or do you feel that a mutilated or dead male is worth the so called “benefits” and money, but a mutilated or dead female is not?

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