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Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 6 (2015-05-27)

Comfortable In My New Skin

I’m a little disappointed with this update.  I know I shouldn’t be, but something really interesting happened earlier that I haven’t been able to reproduce.  While I was doing my normal stretching routine, I released to let my penis rest and leaned back, and the skin stayed over my glans for a good minute covering about half of it.  Unfortunately it settled back down before I could grab the camera, and I wasn’t able to reproduce it for this update photo, otherwise I would have had something really interesting to show you.  I think it must be because it’s been a particularly humid day where I live and the moisture was causing the skin to cling.

I feel like this implies I have enough skin for natural partial coverage while flaccid, but it just settles naturally the way it is.  It does sort of tend to stay up a bit…

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