The intact penis from a female perspective.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Here is my current partners view of the intact penis, unedited:

“From a womens perspective – comparison – to be with a man with an intact penis vs to be with a man with a circumcised penis.
– the difference is vast – there is just no comparison – how can i put this without being too explicit?
For me the difference is like “hard and fast” and not very satisfying with circumcised, compared to smooth, cushiony orgasmic and devine with intact.
Somehow the gentle cushiony pressure of the foreskins gliding seems to just press all the right buttons if you know what i mean.
The other thing Ive noticed is with a circ penis because the glans is so dry and has an exposed ridge it seems to almost strip the wall of the vagina of its natural lubrication, often resulting in painful chaffing sex.
That never happens with a natural penis as the glans is naturally moist, and the ridge is covered by the gliding foreskin, keeping things gliding beautifully.
The difference is like “having sex” or “making love”, it also seems much more intimate with an intact man. Its just as nature intended.
How could any parent allow that to be taken from a newborn son? “

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