To Not Circumcise or to Not Circumcise; There is No Question.



“The foreskin is ripped away from the glans, crushed & cut off, slowly so as to attempt at accuracy (which often fails), all while the infant is strapped down, spread eagle, on a circumcision cutting board. The baby feels every second of this…. A mother who reports that her baby was returned to her asleep or not crying is describing a baby who has gone into shock. This is one way that infants deal with unbearable pain. Other ways, which are frequently present during circumcisions, include intense screaming, noiseless crying (where the baby cries so hard that they no longer emit sound), vomiting, lack of oxygen, increased heart rate, & increased production of the stress hormone cortisol. Babies don’t need to be producing cortisol. They need to be held lovingly at their mother’s breast. Not only is the actual procedure excruciating, but for weeks afterwards, the raw, open wound is subjected to equally painful moments during each urination. Some older children have told of lasting pain. To get a better understanding of what a baby really goes through during circumcision, try to watch the procedure being done. You can find videos on the Internet. I can’t bring myself to post one here, as the description alone has left me in tears.” ~Kristen MotherWise

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