I can’t imagine….

“I can’t even begin to imagine what a neonatally-circumcised guy feels when he watches a video of a circumcision for the first time and his blood runs cold when he realizes that was him. That actually frickin happened to him; he endured that life-transforming, traumatizing surgery and was never told about it growing up.

What a disservice, a disgrace we as a nation have done to our precious boys. How can a country, our culture, recover from this? How does it apologize to 150 million males for injuring them intimately, causing excruciating pain (no anesthesia was used before 2000) and robbing them of their birthright?

The medical profession and the government have failed at their duty to check this madness. It’s clear that it’s up to determined individuals to get the word out and break the cycle of birth violence for boys.”
~ Jason Fairfield

1 thought on “I can’t imagine….

  1. Robert Clover Johnson

    Jason, my life was changed forever one February afternoon in 2005, at the age of 60, when I re-experienced my own routine neonatal circumcision while doing primal therapy at home, alone, as part of a long-term effort to use this form of therapy to discover the source of a lifelong anxiety associated with intimacy. Not long after that astonishing event I discovered the organization Stop Infant Circumcision and watched videos of infant circumcisions online which reaffirmed the validity of the experience my unconscious mind had revealed to me in the course of therapy. Like you, I am horrified by what I discovered and shocked that the American medical community and American citizens in general are so gullible and continuously deceived by such platitudes as “It’s cleaner, it’s healthier, and anyway he’ll never remember it.” What tomfoolery! Alas, the doctors who do this were themselves deceived and the vicious cycle made almost impenetrable more than a century after this practice became common in the U.S. Most countries in Europe, Asia, and South America can’t begin to fathom why we continue doing serious harm to baby boys, violating the Hippocratic Oath every few minutes by cutting another, another, and yet another screaming infant and harming the future life of the men they will become and the lives of those with whom they will become intimate in adulthood. Robert Clover Johnson



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