To the American man circumcised at birth:

1. I know your penis works great and chicks dig it.

2. I know the rest of the men that you are aware of in your family are circumcised, too.

3. I know that most of your friends that you are aware of are also circumcised. I say ‘aware of’ here specifically because I and many others around you were not circumcised and you just thought we were because you were.

4. I know you think “it’s just better”.

Now, please just absorb the following factual information without immediately rejecting it.

1. American circumcision was started in the late 1800s specifically to reduce male sexual pleasure and curb masturbation.

2. American circumcision has continued over the decades based on proven false science. Some of the reasons over the decades that have all been proven false include preventing arthritis, preventing cervical cancer, and preventing syphilis and other STDs. Nowadays the false science is that circumcision prevents the spread of HIV.

3. America is the ONLY country on the entire planet that circumcises infant boys for non-religious reasons.

4. American current circumcision rates are close to 50%.

5. Circumcision is proven to reduce sexual pleasure. Your greatest sexual pleasure is about 30% of what it would be if you were not circumcised. This has nothing to do with climaxing faster, it has everything to do having orgasms as intense as the chicks that dig your cut dick. And really? Maybe the chicks dig YOU and could not care less about your cut status.

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