Circumcision = Genital Mutilation

I just watched a very horrifying presentation of male circumcision complications that are INCREDIBLY COMMON in the United States, land of the butchered knobs. I can’t even begin to describe in words the tragedy, disaster, and destruction that I viewed. The images were so disturbing that the presenter asked us to please not take photos of them, as the families of the pictured victims and/or the deceased requested that they not be publicly shared. One of them was a photo of a boy who had his entire glans (head of the penis) cut off (this happens pretty regularly, particularly during Mogen clamp operations), another was a boy whose entire shaft was de-gloved (removed of all skin), and there were plenty of photos of boys who had so much shaft skin removed, that the skin from the scrotum and pubic mound has healed onto their raw shafts, meaning that these grown men will have hairy penile shafts upon erection (and sometimes while flaccid). These acute complications happen to thousands of boys in the United States every year.

I swear to god, if one more arrogant, ignorant moron tries to tell me that “female circumcision is SO much more destructive and horrifying than male circumcision”…

If you believe that there is a difference in wrongness between male and female genital mutilation, then you are an outright sexist. Period. ~ Brian Herrity

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