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Gotta Love Brother K.

Circumcision primarily sexualizes a baby boy in his earliest days of life, but a peculiar sexuality, his penis with a horrific amputation injury, a prominent wound that he will learn to live with, and for the people that did it to him, no consequences when he becomes a man, because they rely on it that he will become one of them. No one would have difficulty seeing the basis for the adult’s psychopathology if we inflicted the same wound and circumstance on a baby girl.


I have been an Intactivist for several years now and while we are making headway, I still get discouraged now and then. I have seen the very best and the very worst of people throughout this journey. I don’t plan on quitting until RIC is a thing of the past or I am dead, which ever comes first.

It’s no secret that males are perceived as un-equal when comes to human rights and the media portrays them as idiotic baboons in sitcoms and such. Then, when you fight for their right to stay Intact and Perfect the way God made them, there is a whole new level of hatred displayed by some.

With that said, I cherish the moments when someone “gets it” and another Intactivist joins the fight.

Way to go Daniel Tosh

On the latest episode of his show Tosh.0, he did a short spoof of the game show The Price Is Right. At the end of it, the former host, Bob Barker used to sign off by saying “Help control the pet population – have your pets spayed or neutered” (for those who don’t know, he favors animal rights). In this one, Tosh ends it by saying “Don’t have your kid circumcised – they lose 30% of the feeling.”

This comes after he made another intactivist remark two months ago:

At the DMV.

I was signing some paperwork at the DMV the other day and the woman saw my wristband that says, “4Skin is not a defect, please bring him home whole.” And the following is how the conversation went:

Woman: Oh really!

Me: Yes, really.

Woman: Oh really! (And somewhat laughing)

Me: May I cut off one of your fingers?

Woman: No! I was born that way!

Me: Exactly!