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Thank You Mom for standing up for your baby boy and his right to stay perfect and whole the way he was born.

“I don’t think I ever told you this story – when my now-9yo son was born in northern TX, I was asked three times if he was going to be circumcised. The first time was maybe 5 minutes after he was born, while I was still laying on the operating table. I have no doubt that if I had said yes, he would have been cut immediately, before I’d even held him or he’d fully stabilized from the birth. The second time was by the pediatrician the next day. When I said no, he said, “Yeah, it’s unnecessary, but I don’t discourage parents from getting it done because it’s a procedure and I LIKE doing procedures!” My jaw hit the floor and I couldn’t even respond. This was a military doctor who didn’t get paid extra from doing it, he just enjoyed performing admittedly unnecessary genital surgeries on babies. Then I was asked once more before we left the hospital. Why do they ask so much??? You’d think if a parent wanted it, they’d ask for it!

“Then when he was little he was showing signs of diabetes so I took him in to get checked. The pediatrician said that since he was “uncircumcised” he probably had a UTI and he just wasn’t showing any pain when he peed because “babies don’t process pain the same way”. She insisted on doing a catheter instead of a bag catch because he would have bacteria in his foreskin that would contaminate the bag. Of course, he didn’t have a UTI, it was just a virus. The nurse who did the cath said she sees lots of boys “needing” circ later. No wonder, with this kind of ignorance! He also had a problem when he was a toddler of lesions on his thighs and scrotum. At one point, he got a lesion on his foreskin and it got slightly inflamed. Despite the fact that this had been going on for some time in other places than his foreskin, circumcision was the first word out of her mouth. If I had listened, he would have been another of those, “Well, my son NEEDED to be cut later because of infections!” It turned out to be a yeast infection from a food allergy, easily cured with Monistat and avoiding strawberries.

“Feel free to share my son’s stories if you like. It’s astounding the ignorance that continues in the American medical system. If I wasn’t as informed as I am, he could have ended up cut on several occasions. As is, he is a healthy 9yo with ZERO issues with his foreskin and he’s said on more than one occasion that it’s the best part. ” ~Amanda Ferguson