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Like it or not. Intactivists are out there and we are not going to go away.

Question Circumcision

A baby boy loses a minimum of 20,000 nerve endings that God intended him to have during a “normal” circumcision.

There are 2,400 specialized pressure sensitive nerve endings in the frenulum alone. They are found nowhere else in the body and during a circumcision the frenulum is ripped off.

At birth the foreskin is attached like a fingernail to the nail bed. It has to be ripped off the glans, so they can crush it and then cut it off without the benefit of anesthetic.

Foreskin is big money. They use it in shampoo and face cream.

Baby girls are born perfect, just the way God made them. Why do baby boys have to be modified?

Please do your research, before you fall for the lies that doctors and medical personnel use, just so they can turn around and sell your sons foreskin to cosmetic and biomedical companies.

For at least 144 parents a year they have to bury a dead baby boy, because he bled to death, had a heart attack, or a stroke, as a direct result of or during a circumcision.

It was legal to circumcise girls in the U.S. until 1996, then a federal law was passed to protect them. Baby boys were excluded. Why? Money!

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Education is the key

“Although I had already come around to be against RIC before I had my boys, it is people like you that gave me the full information and truly gave me 100% confidence in that decision, and the facts to share with those around me. Every little boy that can be saved from that horror is a happy victory in my book.” ~A friend