So sad and it doesn’t even need to happen.

Healthy newborn in NICU following circumcision.

This literally turns my stomach. I have a knot in my throat, and tears.

I have learned from a friend of a little one she knows who has been fighting for his life after his circumcision surgery.

He was a healthy, full term, newborn baby boy. Perfect and loved.

His circumcision, done not for medical, nor religious reasons, nearly killed him.

He spent several days in the NICU on life support.

He has lost a good portion of his penis.

His adult sexual function will be altered.

He is days old, and has already had to have a surgery (in addition to his circumcision surgery) and there are many more in his future.
Friends, this is preventable.
All this happened, to this precious child, for no reason.

This HAPPENS. It happens to real people. To real babies. Innocent babies who have not asked, nor do they need cosmetic surgery on their genitals. It could happen to your baby.
Please don’t risk it. It’s not worth it.
That’s all I can say about that. Pray for this child.


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