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Fathers and Sons

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When I first started speaking out against circumcision, some of my friends were taken aback; they hadn’t ever really thought about it, and they couldn’t understand why I’d devote so much energy and time to this as a cause.  It’s just a flap of skin, isn’t it? Babies don’t feel or remember getting it “snipped off,” right? So what’s the big deal? Men, in particular, rolled their eyes, teased me, and wondered out loud what on earth I was so upset about.

Over the years, as the awareness of circumcision as an issue has grown, many of these same male friends have returned to tell me, upon reflection, that allowing their sons to be circumcised was the worst parenting mistake they’d ever made, the thing they most regret. More men than I can count have told me it’s the one thing they can’t forgive themselves for, even though they’d had…

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Growing Foreskin Restoration Movement Shows Increasing Awareness about the Harm Circumcision Causes.

Thanks to the Internet, more and more men are learning about circumcision and how it has negatively affected their sex life. A steadily increasing number of men are learning how to restore their foreskin and improve sex for themselves and their partners by “undoing” their circumcision. is contributing to the growing number of men who are actively doing something to regain foreskin function. is growing fast and will soon celebrate a membership of 10,000. is an educational and support site offering a social network for men to share information and experiences concerning foreskin restoration. The online community also welcomes those who wish to advocate against routine infant circumcision.

Foreskin restoration is a process for lengthening the shaft skin of the penis to restore a foreskin. Most men opt for non-surgical foreskin restoration, which is a do-it-yourself process of applying tension to the shaft skin, either manually or by wearing a device. A restored foreskin can give men

+ better sensitivity by protecting the sensitive mucous membranes of the penis
+ restored function by allowing for the gliding action of the foreskin
+ a feeling of being whole again
+ a feeling that the parts that were amputated without their permission have been restored. was founded in 2009 to provide support for men as they learned to deal with the side effects of their circumcision. It is a member-sponsored site that focuses on men’s issues. The educational section of the website includes a Beginner’s Guide, a list of benefits of restoring, and general information on foreskin restoration methods and devices. Also available is a calendar showing meetings of restoration groups. The members’ only, support section of the website contains much more detailed information and access to a real-time chat room. Because of the nature of the discussions on the website, membership is limited strictly to adults only.


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