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If you are an intactivist in oregon you may be a criminal

More appropriately the title should be, “If you are an Intactivist in Oregon you may be treated like a criminal.

I was fired as the bookkeeper by a local non-profit in November of 2011 for allegedly looking at porn in my own home, on my own computer and on my own time. For the record I was not looking at porn. However, I was researching circumcision. And I was paid a visit by someone at my home and they saw the computer screen I was working on.

The issue here is not if you agree with circumcision or not, but freedom of speech and a persons right to defend themselves.

Now for the rest of the story:

One of the board members from the non-profit that fired me is a police officer, one works for Coos County Corrections, and one works for Coos County Mental Health. When I was given my “walking papers” the police officer who came to my house stood in my kitchen and told me that I was fired for “looking at porn”. I told him that I was not looking at porn and showed him a card from my wallet, showed him my wristband that says “4skin is not a defect. Please leave him whole.” And offered to show him the website I was looking at. To which he replied, “You have proved nothing, you have merely offered an explanation and if I wanted proof I would take your computers and have them forensically analyzed”. Even after that I was willing to let it go, because you can’t fix stupid.

Now jump forward five months and I find out that Coos County Corrections has removed me as my cousins (who has issues and is on probation) chaperone. All of this because, I was “Looking at porn”, which I wasn’t! Keep in mind I have never had a parking ticket and it has been years and years since I had a speeding ticket. I have never been arrested and have never been in trouble what-so-ever with the law.

I called the probation officer and asked when we were going to have a meeting, so I could defend myself and was told, “There would be no meeting.” “And to just let it go.” So, I then called his supervisor and asked the following questions:

1. Do you believe in anything? He replied, “Yes”.

2. Do you fight for what you believe in? He replied “Yes”.

3. If somebody was spreading rumors about you would you defend yourself? He replied “Yes”.

4. Then why am I not given the same opportunity? He didn’t know what to say.

He also indicated several times that he doesn’t want to get the state police involved and  have them take my computers. Seems to me that’s a threat, that if I don’t shut up about this he would in fact get the state police involved. Shortly thereafter, I find out the Coos County Corrections told my cousins therapist that I was “looking at porn”, then she turned around and told my Aunt, and my cousin in a therapy session. Which before that, they had no idea about any of this. The conversation continued with him not getting the fact that they spread a rumor that they themselves started and ended with him telling me, “Just tell people that Coos County is full of Crap!

My cousin has now been told that he can’t come to my house without a chaperone present, which is treating me like a criminal in my own home and using him for a pawn. Futhermore, my cousin was advised if I was the only one home with my sons that I don’t count as a chaperon. So, what are they saying? That I can’t or won’t protect my children if I need to? They crossed a line when they brought my kids into this! I can not and will not allow this to continue. Although it may be legal, for Coos County Correction Officers to act like Goons, it is not right. And if you or I did the same thing, they would be the first to sue us for everything we are worth.

Apparently, if Coos County Corrections doesn’t like something, or perceives something they don’t like they will do whatever they have to do to shut a person up. And they obviously feel they don’t have to check their facts before launching a smear campaign against somebody intentional or not. Plus there appears to be no accountability for them.

I have offered them all the opportunity to see the proof they are wrong and they have all declined or said they wouldn’t look at it if I sent it to them. They did say that I could send a letter of apology to the board member….really? For what? I did nothing wrong!!! I would say that is a set up, but if I wrote a letter of “apology” that would give them supposed proof to make good on their threat.

I have letters of support and a letter from my pastor that states we have an accountability system at church and he has the only password to the filter on my computers and network that was in place before, during, and even now. He sees everywhere I go and has unblocked the sites I was using for research. They were advised of this and don’t seem to care.

Something tells me I am not the first person they have done this to and I won’t be the last.

Update: I have since spoken to a County Commissioner about this situation and although he seemed sympathetic it was before the elections, and now that he has been reelected he doesn’t seem to want to return my phone calls.

Here are some key points in the one conversation I did have with him that I would like to point out:

I asked if it was standard operating procedure in Oregon that a person is guilty until proven innocent and he replied, “Of course not.”

I asked if it was standard operating procedure in Oregon that a person is not given a chance to defend themselves and he replied, “Of course not.”

I asked if it was standard operating procedure that officials can say anything they want about anybody and he replied, “No.”

I asked if he would allow Coos County Corrections to treat him like a criminal in his own home and he replied, “No.”

At one point in the conversation the commissioner said in “so many words” that Coos County Corrections can pretty much do anything they want.


Apparently actually wanting to do what was right was a lie, because now the commissioner hasn’t returned my phone calls from January 2013 to present. I know I shouldn’t be shocked that a politician lied….seems these days it is a requirement for the job.

If the circumcision doesn’t kill them the herpes will.

I have to admit. I am a bit perplexed at this whole thing. First, the baby boy is subjected to unimaginable pain to have his body modified to fit the needs and likes of others, thereby saying he WAS NOT born perfect just the way God made him. But then the person who is performing the circumcision engages in a ritual that I DO NOT condone in anyway, which then exposes the baby to a disease that may kill him through no fault of his own. This is just wrong all the way around!