Monthly Archives: December 2012

What the heck!?

I was watching the news this evening and there was a story about a dog named buddy who was rescued after a botched neutering job. The news reporter called it mutilation, which it was.
However, there are thousands of baby boys a day that are mutilated by circumcision and some even die. Yet you never hear about any of that on the news.
Call circumcision what it is. Genital mutilation, denial of a males right to a whole body, cruel, and wrong.

Learning who my friends are.

I lost a friend today for standing up against abusive and suppressive authority. I am not really sure what I think of the whole thing, except to say that I don’t understand. I thought part of being a friend is about standing with them in times of need. I may not have went about it in the way they would have, but I did simply tell the truth.

Here is what I posted: I can not honor authority that is abusive and suppressive. Doesn’t mean I don’t pray for them and doesn’t mean I can not simply tell the truth. Coos County Corrections is an Oxymoron, because they are not correct, they know it, and they refuse to do what is right.