What’s an Intactivist and why I am one?

The term Intactivist is when someone stands up to keep baby boys and girls intact, in other words; An activist to keep babies the way they were born = “Intactivist”.  Being an intactivist hasn’t got anything to do with being male or female or being intact or not. What it comes down to is, whether you think babies should be left the way they were born or not.

Female circumcision is not legally practiced in the United States any longer, but it has only been since 1996 that it was officially outlawed by the federal government. So, while it may seem that I care only about male babies, that is not the case. However, nobody can deny that males are under attack in this country, starting from the cradle to the grave and we have to address it where it begins.

The so-called “medical benefits” of circumcision change as circumcision rates in the U.S. drop. Furthermore, as biomedical companies and cosmetic companies lose money the efforts to cut every penis in this country goes up. Frankly they don’t care about anything, but their own pockets!

In addition to being an Intactivist, I am also a Christian who does see the fallacy of other Christians having their sons circumcised, because it is “Commanded in the Bible.” Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with a Christian restoring. You are currently reading this post that was written by a restoring Christian and I have not found anywhere in the Bible that says I will go to hell for it.

Below are some of the reasons for circumcision that have been given over the years, along with what I think.

It prevents masturbation. – “Didn’t work with me or any other male I know. News flash! Females masturbate too.”

It is cleaner. – “Cleaner than what? Females produce far more smegma than Intact males.”

It’s more hygienic – How hygienic do you want? I brush my teeth everyday and take a shower when needed. Granted, some people seem to be allergic to showers or baths, but that can be said for males and females alike.

It’s healthier. – Really? Show me proof of a man who died, because he had a foreskin with no possible explanation of any other reason for his death.

It stinks. – So, get your nose away from my penis if you don’t like the smell! Plus, the definition of stink is subjective. Intact males produce what is called an intact smell, that contains Pheromones to attract a mate. Like it or not it is part of being a man.

There could be “issues” when they get older. – Woman can have “issues” when they get older too, yet we don’t order anything to be cut off of them. Makes about as much sense as ordering a hysterectomy for all females to prevent “issues” when they get older.

It’s prevents infections. – Unless I missed it, a male’s body utilizes antibiotics the same as a female’s body. However, if anybody can provide some proof that there is an allergy to the antibiotics used to treat such infections, based solely on the Y chromosome I would like to see it.

It helps to prevent HIV and Aids. – Actually circumcised men are less likely to use a condom, (which does prevent the spread of HIV and Aids) because they knowingly or unknowingly have already lost sensation. I don’t know about anybody else, but the last thing I want to do is have sex and not get the most feeling I can out of it. Plus the U.S. has one of the highest circ rates in the world and one of the highest cases of HIV and Aids.

It helps lower the risk for prostate cancer. – I don’t know about any other man, but my prostate was not directly attached to my foreskin and there are more than a few organs in between. Not only that, countries that have a higher rate of intact men, also have lower incidents of prostate cancer.

It helps to prevent STD’s. – An intact penis produces Smegma, which comes from the root word of Smeg that stands for soap, indicating natures way of keeping things clean and healthy. Furthermore, the foreskin can trap the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as well as other bacteria and viruses that can cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Seems to be the reason for trapping such unwanted visitors would be to kill them.

Reduces the spread of the HPV to his partner. –  Uh huh. No matter what anybody says or how many biased studies there are, no part of the male body is a design flaw. I once spoke to a man whose wife died from cervical cancer blamed on the HPV. Her doctor actually told him it was because he was not circumcised. Imagine how you would feel if a doctor told you that you killed your wife? The ignorance behind the doctors statement and the theory itself is astounding. HPV will spread with or without a foreskin for transportation.

I would like to point out that the use of slang terms really bugs me too. I think that the use of such terms only furthers the notion that a males anatomy is a subject for jokes or ridicule. Then there is the whole “lack of education” aspect. When I was in high school, they taught about anatomy and human reproduction in biology, but they taught as if a circumcised penis was normal. They never once covered anything about or even mentioned an intact penis. I personally think it is designed that way by people who either make money from circumcisions or those whose pockets are lined with money by pro-circ advocates, in order to help keep males from knowing what they are missing.

And finally, I was intact until I was 15 and know the difference. I was born with a foreskin, a frenulum, and a moist shiny and sensitive glans, which is the way I was intended to be. I was born with the inalienable right to remain intact and that right was voilated, as it is with so many baby boys everyday. I speak out for all babies to try and keep them just as they were born, but I can only truly identify with males that will never know what it is like to be intact and males that knew what is was like, but were circed against their wishes.

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