Overheard in a grocery store.

I was a teenager and it must have been vacation time as we kids were at home. Mom returned from the shops visibly shaken. Before she started her family and became a full time home-maker she was a nursery school teacher [5-6 year olds]. She had witnessed a scene in the supermarket of a child who was misbehaving. The responsible adult [in this case the child’s mother] said to him – “If you don’t behave I will cut it off!”

Mom was shocked that anyone could say that to a child [as children take things literally]. Now, it occurs to me that there is a certain amount of unintentional hypocrisy here as I didn’t have time to misbehave, they already cut some of mine off!

[Mod edit: Thanks George for the submission.]

[Mod addition: Using it for punishment, really! Kidding or not, when is a males genetalia been downgraded to an object of punishment?]

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